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Skin Care

We have every type of skin that is very specific rather difficult to define as it evolves over time depending on age, hormones, but also on external factors such as climate, temperature, heat, pollution The lifestyle ... But to choose a cosmetic active to very specific, we must still define the physiology of our skin. Is it rather dry, oily, mixed, sensitive?

Dry skin: Skin usually thin and beautiful, without pores, it is a source of tightness and discomfort. The reasons for dry skin are many. The stratum corneum lack of water, the hydro lipid film on the surface is too thin and no longer protects the skin, oil runs out ...

Oily skin: Its grain is thicker, the pores are dilated and the general appearance of the skin is dull, oily and shiny. This skin type is conducive to buttons and black spots and excess sebum causes permanent long-term thickening of the stratum corneum. This skin can be both fat and lack of water, ie be dehydrated.

Combination skin: Dryer where sebaceous glands are rare (forehead, cheekbones and jaw), she becomes fat in the midline of the face (forehead, nose and chin). It is difficult to choose their cosmetics.

Sensitive skin20% of women have a real problem for sensitive skin and 40% experiencing frequent twinges and discomfort. Dry, oily or mixed skins can all be sensitive. This results in unwanted redness, sensations of tingling and burning.

Dry skin
Good moves: regarding dry skin thin and irritable, better clean it with lotion, rinse with a non-alcoholic lotion and apply a day cream hyper protective based ceramides, vitamins and fats. This care moisturizers will rebuild the skin barrier, water retention and attracting the one contained in creams. You can also put a few drops of essential oils on your face before the task, it will further enhance its moisturizing effects. If your skin is thick and rough, do not hesitate to make scrubs with a very soft product twice a week and finish with a moisturizing mask. Never go to sleep without being cleansed, and apply a night cream very nourishing. Drink at least one and a half liters of water per day to offset the natural loss of water and immerse yourself in a hot bath at least ten minutes so that the skin takes time to be moistened.
Do not do: avoid the possible water and soap, bubble baths and other astringents. Do not leave the pool without enhancing the hydration of your face especially in winter. Do not expose yourself to sun without protection, your skin may be drained more. Consider even carry a day cream containing a sunscreen throughout the year. Never use lotions with alcohol, far too aggressive.

Gestures appropriate for my oily skin
Good moves: behind its appearance "all terrain", oily skin is fragile. We must therefore take care and clean with a syndet (soap, soap-free hypoallergenic). You can apply a special lotion "oily skin" and then make a moisturizer in ultra-light texture. Choose such a matte cream that absorbs excess sebum through "powder blotter" and rebalances the skin in the longer term through two essential components, copper and zinc. An oily skin gets dirty faster than others, it is essential to make a scrub two to three times per week. Remember that food affects the skin condition. Also, choose fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats and avoid too much fatty food, sausages and sweets that cause pimples and do not improve seborrhea.
Do not do: do not use soap or detergents TONERS-based alcohol that increase sebum production. Conversely, do not choose milk or cream too fat that will make your skin glow. Beware tinted creams and other foundations that may spanning very favor the appearance of buttons. If the sun provides improved skin condition, this is only temporary. The result is often a "rebound effect" which can cause increased production of sebum and buttons.

Combination skin
Good moves: it is more difficult to treat because it is halfway between the dry skin and oily skin. Make sure first that does not attack with too astringent cleaners. Use a cleansing milk and a non-greasy moisturizer. Apply a cream if needed richer parts of the driest face (cheekbones, temples ...). There are now care for combination skin that combine active hydrating and rebalancing components to regulate the flow of sebum. Adjust your makeup to your skin type, even to use two different products (cream colored light and a makeup stick bold) as parts of the face.
Do not do: many women with combination skin is considered superior and do not bother to care. This is a serious error, because the combination skin requires much attention as others if not more. Do not expose yourself to the weather or the sun without a protective cream, do not use hard water or soap and opt for alcohol free lotions to clean.

Sensitive skin
The right moves: Begin by emptying your closet cosmetics and not keep one or two creams. The skins are very sensitive and allergic often only support a few specific products. Choose the rather unscented and hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergy. Use gentle cleansers and sprays hot water. Do not forget to dry your skin by dabbing with a tissue. Use soothing and protective care regulators of the microcirculation. At night, prefer a richer cream and hypoallergenic.
Do not do: Do not exfoliating scrubs or masks that can irritate your skin. Banish soap and toilet rolls to the attack, the dry and make it even more responsive. Avoid sudden temperature variations, the air-conditioned environments, alcohol and certain foods such as coffee or spices. The cosmetics can cause allergies. To limit the risks, choose them hypoallergenic. Finally, if you should care, keep him faithful. The changes too frequent skin sensitizers.

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