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Is Mineral Oil Good for Skin?

The human skin should carry proper nutrition for its different functions. We should always be concerned about our skin as we are about our eating and drink. You should be able to find the better ways caring your skin. Most of the ingredients used absorbed by the skin into body. Synthetic and petrochemical ingredients are being used by large cosmetic companies in personal care products. You can find many natural ingredients in lotion, shampoo, cream, toothpaste and conditioner. The product contains lesser amount of ingredients with further name down the list based on personal care products of FDA. The smallest molecules can enter the body through skin which acts like filter and these molecules are accumulated in the body.

Mineral oil is a common ingredient used in creams, commercial lotions, and baby care products. It is clear liquid oil with no scent. It can be produced from distillation of gasoline from crude oil as byproduct. It is inexpensive and left over liquid. It is used as main ingredient in many baby care products like baby lotion, baby soaps. Mineral oil will not spoil. There can be some harmful effect of the mineral oil as well because it is foreign to the human body especially in infants. You can have some surprising effects of mineral oil. It basically acts as layer on the skin. The toxins can be eliminated by the skin very slowly when skin pores are clogged due to mineral oil. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it will be very important for the overall health of the body.

The mineral is broken down by the liver when it is absorbed and then it passes through intestinal tract. All fat soluble vitamins are absorbed in the intestinal tract. It will steal essential vitamins from the body which will not be replaced by the body due to which there can be nutritional deficiencies. There can be pneumonia as well in some cases by mineral oil causing lipoid pneumonia. The use of mineral oil is condemned by the medical community because of these dangers. Some people are of the view that it can be perfectly safe to apply mineral oil to the skin due to which it has great use in cosmetics and skin care products.

It depends on you what kind of products you want to use on skin. Some people say that it is good to use mineral oil on the skin because it can create barrier on the skin which protects moisture and water coming out of the skin. Skin is a living organ and it should be allowed to live and perform its functions as it is intended. If you will do something wrong then you will have to face consequences. These consequences can be from simple harsh to discoloration. There can be cysts and sores to cancer as well. If you don’t take care of you body then it can react one way or the other. It can react even you fed bad food or bad skin care products.

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