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7 Simple Steps To Reduce Cellulite & Toxins Naturally With Dry Skin Brushing
Written by Amanda Hertz on Feb. 8th 2016
Confession:  Nothing I share in this article is new. Dry brushing is actually an ancient routine, believed to have been first practiced by the Japanese. Russians have also brushed their skin without using water for several centuries. However, this effective technique became really popular worldwide in the 80's, when Paavo Airola, a doctor from Finland, started to prescribe dry brushing for his patients to detoxify, exfoliate and stimulate the skin.

So yes, there is nothing "revolutionary", "ground-breaking" or "miraculous" here! Far from it. Dry brushing has existed for centuries (if not more) and is a well-known, proven technique..

..the only challenging part is actually doing things properly, having the right technique, the one that can get you the best results the quickest!

I started brushing my skin a bit more than 2 years ago and now it's part of my daily routine. Every morning I wake up, right before I get into the shower there is one thing I always do: I take that brush off the hook and brush my entire body for 6 full minutes.

7 Simple Steps To Reduce Cellulite & Toxins With Dry Skin Brushing http://skincarequeen.com/dry-brushing

And while I've noticed immediate improvements in my skin health right away (less than a week) - my skin got much smoother, my ankles stopped swelling despite my poor blood circulation and my legs gained a new glow, I've also noticed long term improvements when it came to my cellulite.

I still have cellulite (probably because I don't exercise enough), but it's almost invisible now. It took a lot of trial and error to get to where I am today.

Why? Because there are thousands of creams and solutions out there, tons of contradictory advice and "tricks" that do more harm than they do good.. So after 2 years of testing this on my own skin (literally) I finally have this down to 7 simple, easy to follow steps that always lead to results.

And hey, as you know - I am no scientist - I have no research to medical knowledge to back up my steps. This is simply what has worked for me, what I found to be truly effective after 2 years of incremental learning!

So here are the exact steps that have worked and continue to work wonders for me:

1. Dry Brush Daily

Sorry, but there is no way around this! Many of my friends believe that dry brushing isn't working, that it doesn't help with cellulite. You know why? Because they tried it for a few days here and there, didn't see any results and so they stopped.

You need to stick with it - this is the truth - your cellulite will become less and less visible day after day, but it won't happen overnight! While exfoliation, smoother skin and improved blood circulation are effects you will be able to notice right away, cellulite reduction is a long term effect.

So dry brush daily, incorporate it into your daily routine, turn it into a habit.

2. Add Natural Remedies To The Mix

Right after dry brushing I apply a mix of 100% organic coconut oil and grapefruit essential oil to the trouble areas (upper thighs, butt, stomach). Rub it in for 1-2 minutes, massaging vigorously.

While dry brushing alone helps a lot, adding these oils on immediately after shower will enhance your results and help you get there faster.

3. Unclog The Pores

Over time, your pores can get clogged with dead skin cells, pollutants and cosmetics. This causes the liver and kidneys to work really hard to get rid of impurities. Dry skin brushing unclogs your skin’s pores and helps your skin absorb more nutrients, which promotes healthy skin and allows those toxins to release a bit easier. Healthier Skin + Less Toxins = Less Cellulite.

4. Stress Relief

Another benefit of dry brushing is that it’s similar to massage in decreasing stress, which is great for your health by eliminating anxiety. A study reported that whole body massage was effective in reducing anxiety and stabilizing vital signs of patients with acute coronary disorders. Dry brushing is similar to massage in helping you to relax, yet is far cheaper since you can do it yourself.

Did you know that 75 to 90 percent of all doctors office visits are related to conditions caused by stress? When you are stressed, it causes changes in the hormones that can increase inflammation and trigger various other problems. If you experience stress over a long period of time, it can be dangerous and is capable of increasing the risk for heart disease, diabetes, weight gain or obesity, mental disorders, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders and even cancer.

Therefore, finding ways to help eliminate stress is crucial. Dry brushing is an easy way to reduce stress, which in turn leads to reduced cholesterol levels, less weight gain, less fat deposits and less inflammation - all of which are directly related to that annoying cellulite you want to get rid of!

5. Stimulate The Lymphatic System

Because your skin helps to detoxify the body, it’s important to keep it healthy so that it can do its job. However, if your skin has too many toxins or dead skin cells, it may not be able to eliminate waste from your body as efficiently as needed.

Dry brushing your skin can help your lymphatic system, which has the job of removing toxins from the body and ultimately helps prevent you from getting sick. When inflammation builds up in the body, it can cause the body to struggle to fight off that inflammation. If the skin is healthy, it can help release those toxins so that the body is not having to work so hard to rid itself of them.

A poorly functional lymph flow leads to the formation of fat and lymph deposits under the skin. And that is what cellulite is! Giving that lymph a push, helping it flow better will directly impact cellulite!

6. How To Dry Brush

Whether you want to improve the health of your skin, exfoliate, remove toxins, reduce cellulite, reduce stretch marks, improve your blood or your lymph circulation, there is one simple technique you need to follow. And I've outlined for you in the image below:

7. Use a 100% Natural Body Brush With Boar Bristles

There are many types of body brushes out there, but my top recommendation is the SpaVerde body brush. Here's why:

  • it's 100% natural - made of cherry wood and boar bristles, this is one of the few truly organic brushes
  • it has a long handle, which means you can easily reach all areas of your body, including your lower legs and your back
  • it's not too soft, but not too rough either - which means you will get the results you want without irritating your skin
  • the head of the brush is detachable, so if you feel more comfortable brushing without the handle and just holding the brush in your palm you can easily do that. And then get it right back on the handle when you need to reach your legs
  • it comes with a free face brush (yes, dry brushing is very useful for your face too!), a free storage linen bag so you can easily hang your brushes near your shower and free brochures explaining in detail how to dry brush properly
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